Tom Origer & Associates has worked since 1983 to help public agencies, private firms, and individuals meet the requirements of local, state, and federal regulations regarding protection of cultural resources. 

We are a team of professional consultants qualified to design and implement studies for compliance with these laws. Our staff has a broad range of experience inprehistoric and historical archaeology, obsidian research, ethnobotanical and faunal analysis, historical research, architectural review, cartography, and illustration. 

The firm maintains an extensive, in-house research facility. In addition to  
archaeological survey and excavation reports from throughout California and the Great Basin, the library houses a variety of primary historical resources for  northern and central California counties. 

The Northwest Information Center is nearby at Sonoma State University, allowing easy access to existing site records for northwestern California.  


Obsidian hydration dating and induced hydration services are available from our affiliate, Origer's Obsidian Laboratory (OOL). For more information on hydration, see our OOL page.

For more information about TOA and our services, please contact us.