Origer’s Obsidian Laboratory

Origer’s Obsidian Laboratory (OOL) provides obsidian hydration band measurement services, and has since 2002. In the 1970s, Tom (along with others) was instrumental in establishing the hydration laboratory at Sonoma State University. Tom served as director of the hydration Lab at SSU until it closed in 2002, when the University chose to pursue other research priorities.

The fee structure is currently as follows:

  • 1 – 10 specimens at $21.00 per thin section
  • 11 – 24 specimens at $20.00 per thin section
  • 25 – 99 specimens at $17.00 per thin section
  • 100+ specimens at $15.00 per thin section

Our rapid turn-around service is currently suspended, as Tom will be having knee replacement surgery in a couple of weeks, and we cannot guarantee the two-day service during his recovery. Please call if you have questions or concerns regarding projects during this time.

Contact us at (707) 584-8200 for additional information, or use the contact page on this web site.